Wannabe Heroes Outside Capitol Kill Mostly Innocent, Crazy Woman for Being Crazy

The reverberations of September 11, 2021 persist idiotically. Nietzsche tells us philosophy gives rise to nihilism and nihilism gives rise to art: When we stare into the abyss, we turn to art to find the way out. On 9/11, America stared deeply into the abyss.  The television show 24 was the art — or what passes for art in the early twenty-first century — that led us out. What did we get? A world of ticking time-bombs and ubermensch Patriot Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer became our Achilles. We cried out in public forums for Jack Bauer to appear, to wage our permanent, borderless War on Terror. But he never did. Instead, we get Jack Bauer wannabes. These are people who don’t understand that the constant, looming Armageddonness of 24 is as much a fantasy as the force of nature that is Jack Bauer.  So what do they do? They overreact. They do stupid, terrible things that one does when one has been stripped of context or poetry or thought. They kill innocent people. On Thursday, police in Washington executed a woman, Miriam Carey, who appeared to have been suffering from mental illness. Initially, we were told that Carey was carrying a gun and pamphlets broadcasting anti-government messages, and that she attacked police cars — and then we learned that all this was false or exaggerated. So why was it reported? Probably because that’s what Jack Bauer would have encountered -  and executing her is what he would have done. We are losing our sense of reality. We killed a woman for speeding. We fired multiple bullets into a car that we knew had a child in it. And after the speeding car was stopped? We surrounded it and murdered the woman inside.


  1. Harry

    One wonders what to make of Homeland in this context.

  2. Luckily, Harry, it’s on Showtime. So… little damage should be done by it!

  3. Stacy

    You could be right, I can’t say. But unfortunately it appears the woman overreacted, a la “24.” According to reports, her driving appears to mimic that of a panicking Jack Bauer. Trying to barrel through checkpoints, running her car into a police officer, speeding 80 mph down Pennsylvania Avenue, aiming her vehicle straight toward a line of cop cars. Let’s wait to hear more, but this was not an “execution.”

  4. Here’s the crash test video for the same kind of car that Miriam Carey reportedly “rammed” into a White House barrier. It’s a potato chip, not a tank.


  5. Stacy — As long as Jack Bauer is somewhere in there, I get warm fuzzies. Just kidding.

    In other news, Miriam’s sisters will be on Fox News tonight with Megyn Kelly at 9pm.

  6. An eyewitness account told to Wolf Blitzer of the police pulling the baby from the car before executing Miriam Carey.


  7. On the lockbox found in Miriam Carey’s car:

    “A search warrant application shows police thought the lockbox could contain maps, drugs, documents pertaining to the White House, weapons and ammunition or “fruits of other crimes.” But none of that was found, according to the search warrant results.”

    These people see a ’24′ world that doesn’t exist.


  8. On how this all started. From the Washington Post:

    “It began with something not that unusual — a driver with out-of-state plates turning into a blocked entry near the White House.

    It quickly became something else.

    “Whoa! Whoa!,” Secret Service officers were shouting at the car, according to a witness, Shawn Joseph, 29. “It looked liked [the driver was] scared or lost. I thought they might have been a tourist.”

    But then, witnesses said, officers tried to place a barrier in front of the car. The driver swerved. The officers moved the barrier. She hit it, and a Secret Service officer was thrown up on the hood and then off the car.

    The officer was not badly hurt. The driver sped east and was stopped by police at a small traffic circle at the foot of Capitol Hill. There, video shot by the U.S.-funded Arabic TV station Alhurra shows officers with guns pointed at the car. The driver took off.”

    Miriam Carey didn’t use her car as a weapon against a Secret Service agent.

  9. Angi MacAllister

    “We” didn’t kill her. “We” didn’t chase her. “We” didn’t imagine ourselves to be heroes nor did “we” all necessarily watch the TV-show mentioned in your opinion piece here.

    I also don’t think the police involved killed her for “being crazy”. I think they are not trained to protect human life, but they are trained to use deadly force first, and ask questions (if possible) later. Then as per usual, they all stand around pointing fingers at their orders, their commanding officers, the govt., etc. Everybody is then left examining & explaining their responses after the subject has been silenced on this earth. Just don’t compare this poor woman’s killing by DC cops to the self-defense case of George Zimmerman.

    (Obviously the Sharptons & Jacksons of this nation don’t really give a flying leap about human life other than their own.)

  10. Thanks Angi!

  11. The Carey Family Files Notice to Sue In Shooting Death of Miriam Carey http://ow.ly/tetpo

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