Soon Nothing Will Be Lost in Translation

The Tel Aviv startup (pronounced “lingually”) views language acquisition as an organic process that can be mapped onto our daily Internet experience. The potential is oceanic: Very soon, people will learn languages simply by surfing from one site to the next — casually, quickly, almost (but not quite) unconsciously.

The key is personalization. The Internet offers almost unlimited immersion in almost any language about almost anything. But browsing the web in a foreign language is very hard if our web experience is not tailor-made for us, if it doesn’t know how many words we know or which rules of grammar we have yet to come by or what we recently learned or forgot. creates a custom-fit web experience, enabling users to acquire words, meanings, idioms, grammars — entire languages — by clicking, reading, listening and watching their way across the Internet landscape. For now, is available in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic. New languages are expected soon.

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  1. Can’t wait to get started…

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