Occupy Silicon Valley will probably be the death knell of Occupiers everywhere

With the Occupy Wall Street movement turning into a memory and a meme, we shouldn’t be surprised there are rumors that Silicon Valley is its next target. Where else can the Occupiers go now but the dull business-park Meccas of San Jose and Sand Hill Road. The Egyptian revolution was tweeted. But the Occupiers are set to denounce Twitter altogether. How else can they maintain relevance than by revolting against the very companies and technologies that enabled their movement in the first place? Certainly the Occupiers see themselves as Buddhist monks self-immolating in clear sight of their technological masters. What they don’t understand, though, is that by Occupying Silicon Valley, the Occupiers do nothing more than integrate themselves into the circuits of capitalism: They brand these billion-dollar corporations as self-denouncing technologies — capital without the evils of capitalism. Congratulations, Occupiers! You’ve been occupied.

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