From a German Jihadist in Syria: “It’s Not Like You Imagine. You Can Live Well Here.”

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[Editor’s note: This clip arrived recently. Below is a partial translation.]
“I am Abu-Sama. I am from Germany. I became a Muslim four years ago. And I’ve always wondered: to die, be born, eat, drink — that cannot be all there is. We’re not animals. Allah gave us reason. That’s why we’ve got to think about the purpose of life. And think about who brought us here, who created this world. Allah is the creator of all things, free of errors. And he created man. Think about how complicated your DNA is and your brain and your body. You wouldn’t believe that a watch was created by chance. But a human? … About the next point, I wanna say: I have emigrated to Syria to render the word of my Creator [mumbles] … Because man-made laws are unjust. And we can see it on Earth. Most of hte world’s natural resources are in Africa - but why of all people are the African people the poorest? You gotta ask yourself the question: Politicians in their suits are devils, making their own laws and they don’t want to please God because they don’t believe in God. They are doing their own thing. … I am not only addressing the infidels, but Muslims, too: Are you satisfied? You live in Germany, got a girlfriend, are going to the disco — but what is it to you. Marry! Allah has permitted you to marry. You needn’t move around. Marry a woman. You are even allowed to marry up to four women. And that is why, Brother, Sister, you must carry jihad into the world. Jihad has become the duty of every Muslim. Partake in the jihad! Support the Muslims! Donate! Spread the word! We are not the terrorists. Who are the terrorists? The Americans are the terrorists. … I love Osama-bin-Laden. Why? He’s punched the heads of injustice, he’s punched the heads of injustice. By terrorizing them as they are terrorizing us. As long as you don’t stop, we won’t stop. We were flying into the World Trade Center - why? Because you were doing the same to us. That’s why pay attention to what you are doing: Allah is almighty. You can never beat us. You will never beat us for over 50 nations have invaded Afghanistan 12 years ago. And now they are retreating. Why? They got no chance. Allah is going to help us. If Allah helps you, He will ground your feet. Have no worries. Allah is saying in (source in Arabic) in psalm 99, the gist of it in German: If you emigrate along Allah’s path, you will find wealth and an abode that will please you. And I can testify to it, I swear: In Syria … we got everything, food and drink, everything, better than in Germany, even though we had thought: When we come here, we will be sleeping on the floor. And we would be ready. But Allah has made it easy for us: He won’t demand what you cannot bear. That is why, Brothers, Sisters, make your way here. It’s not like you imagine: pure warfare all the time. There are border areas where you can live well with your families. Soon there will be schools for children. You can live well here. You can practice Islam freely. Sister, you can walk [unclear] … Brother, you can walk without evil glances.”

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