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    So clever and surprisingly multi-layered for an 11 minute piece. Stateless Media’s got something new here and I LOVED IT!

  6. Manhattan West

    What an incredible idea- a shortreal. Brillant!
    Weiner is such a complex figure- I learned more about him in 11 minutes than all the articles I have read. Great.

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  9. Solomon Grundy

    The video does a good job of showing non-New Yorkers what AW looks like in his native habitat–and, frankly, it made me a tad more sympathetic than I was when he was nothing to me but a distant scandal. He’s smart, articulate, edgy (to say the least), and apparently never tires, never gets discouraged. He engages with actual people at random and doesn’t shrink from their emotions. I’d like to be represented by somebody with those qualities. I’d like my mayor to have a bit of dignity, too–but if I had to choose between AW and the dithering pols I’ve known, I’d vote for AW.

  10. Turtle

    Great stuff! Coal mining is tough, not the political race for Mayor of NYC!

  11. Roy in Phoenix

    Glib liberal, that’s all I see here. Like most liberals, his public image serves for his conscience. Does anybody believe that he wouldn’t be doing the same shit right now, if he hadn’t been exposed?

  12. Roz

    my fav part is where he tells his staff to do something outragious for the doc maker, like, who would understand that stuff better???

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  14. Garwinkle

    A politician, lying? I’m shocked, simply shocked. Whatever happened to the high moral standards set by John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton?

  15. Montana

    As Martin Luther King said judge a man by the contend of his character. What morals and value Anthany has wouldn’t qualify him to date my daughter much less be a mayor. What is shocking is how many New Yorkers are not repulsed by this man.

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